Sponsors and Community Partners

We gratefully acknowledge the continued support of government, corporate sponsors and community partners.

ArtsCan is partnering with the City of Surrey, the Arts Council of Surrey, BC Culture Days, and other local businesses and organizations to share resources for far greater outreach. 

ArtsCan uses tools, skills and technology to connect the artistic community to cultural industries, arts organizations, individuals, businesses and each other, for their mutual benefit.
The City of Surrey is actively working with arts organizations and businesses to continue to raise the quality of arts experiences available to the public.
Arts Council of Surrey’s mission is to promote and foster the arts – literary, performing and visual – in the City of Surrey.

Our Partners and Sponsors

A Special Thank You to our Generous Sponsors

Christopher and Debra Simmons

DaVaughn Studios

Lesley Jones

Sybil Loo

JT Maxwell

Patricia Dahlquist

Brenie Matute 

Appreciation for our Partners

Nina Buddhdev
2015 Culture Days Ambassador
& TriCity India Heritage Network

Who so capably facilitated liaison between the
South Asian Arts Community & Arts4All in our early planning stages.