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Saturday, September 29


10:00 am – 10:50 am

Rosalind Chan

Children's Magic Show and learn a trick to amaze your friends. (Click here to read more.)

Join Magician Rosalind Chan for an exciting Children’s Magic Show, followed by a teach a trick where YOU get to learn a cool trick to amaze your friends! A short Q & A will follow the show and session. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and speak to a  magician!

Rosalind Chan is a professional Magician specializing in close up and Children’s magic shows. She loves performing to and working with children and encouraging them to be creative and to make their own discoveries. Rosalind sees magic as an eclectic art form that combines many arts and embraces the mindset that “Anything is Possible”.  She looks forward to sharing this wonderful craft with you all!

Note:  The bunny has a previous engagement and will not be appearing.


11:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Ken Westdorp

A collection of poetry that spans the journey of life with honesty and emotion and a little humour (Click here to read more.)
Gateway to Obscurity

Gateway to Obscurity is a collection of poetry amassed over some 20 years that describes the troublesome journey of seeking one’s true identity against the conforming restrains that society imposes.  From early childhood to inevitable death each poem weaves an intricate picture of emotions that is sure to connect with the reader.  Confronted by various gates during the passage of time a person must confronted difficult decision that are filled with all sorts of peril in order to gain a greater perspective as to what life has intended.  To discover one’s ultimate purpose is both a frightening and exciting in the same moment, and yet to deny such possibilities because of fear over the unknown, is like compromising the soul’s destiny beyond mere existence.


12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Tara Pawson

Artist Talk - Discover the joys of glassblowing with Tara Pawson. (Click here to read more.)
Share the excitement Tara feels when an object takes shape from molten glass. Discover the intensity of the fire, the rich history of the craft and the beauty found within its raw materials.

Tara first experienced the art form of glassblowing about 12 years ago. Before going solo, she worked in a few glassblowing studios—a gamut of experience that allowed her to hone her craft. With over ten years of experience, she now operates her own small business, Tara Blown Glass. She offer a selection of home decor, cremation memorial keepsakes and sculptural work.

With life and glass, Tara is driven by the idea that happiness can be chosen — that a sense of humour brings about a cheerful, lighthearted attitude and the people, environment and things we choose to surround ourselves with contribute to our well-being. She strives to produce art that is uplifting, visually pleasing and functionally beautiful.

“It’s a medium I am truly passionate about and I’m so proud to share it with others.” Tara Pawson

Tara also has her work on display at the Strawberry Hill Library


1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Lozan Yamolky

Passionate and compassionate poetry telling that tale of refugees. (Click here to read more.)
Lozan Yamolky was born in 1972 in Baghdad, Iraq. She is the fifth of eleven children and is of Kurdish descent.  She was recently commissioned by DaCapo Chamber Choir to write a poem that will be put to music for the big 20th anniversary celebration in March 2019. The theme of the celebration is (The Refugee Experience) and her poem title is: I am here!

She has two collections of poetry: “I’m No Hero” and “Counting Waves.” Her poems passionately and compassionately tell the tales of what Yamolky has experienced and what she has observed.

“I write to reflect not only who I am and what I have been through, but I also write for those who have been silenced, those [who are] suffering and no one hears their cries, and I write for our planet that is speaking to me.”


2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Divinder Purewal

Come laugh and cry at the trials and tribulations of immigrating to Canada. (Click here to read more.)

Oh! Canada? follows the adventures of Divinder, his wife Anisha, their son Kamran and daughter Sonya as they decide to emigrate from England to Canada in the summer of 2005.

We see the immigration process through the eyes of the lead character Divinder as he slowly starts to resent his hum-drum life in London and manages to convince his wife to take a chance and reinvent themselves 5,000 miles away in Canada.


3:00 pm – 3:45 pm

Michael Munday

Things That Monsters Love To Do That You Might Too is a children's book that negates a child's fear of monsters... (Click here to read more.)
Things That Monsters Love To Do That You Might Too is a children’s book that negates a child’s fear of monsters and subconsciously nurtures the idea of the acceptance of differences in others. With a lilting rhythm that kids love, each page offers a teachable moment, through a short verse, relating to positive activities for kids that monsters love to do too. Accompanying each verse is a print, from a hand painted watercolour illustration, depicting the activity. It is also pretty cool to kids and fun to read!

Michael D. Munday, the author and illustrator, is registered as a professional artist with the Canada Council for the Arts. Michael has a 2 year diploma in fine arts from Langara College, a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and also has a background in liberal arts emphasizing literature and psychology from Douglas College.